Alternative to posting ITR-V after E-filing

Electronic alternative to posting signed ITR-V acknowledgement after e-filing is now possible. After your e-return has been uploaded by taxspanner to Income Tax Department e-filing portal, you can then e-verify the uploaded return (as an alternative to posting paper ITR-V). The time period for electronic verification of return is 120 days from the date of e-filing, same as the duration allowed to post signed ITR-V.

Amongst various modes to e-verify the uploaded return, currently the easiest mode is to use netbanking login of your bank. The steps to follow are:

E-verification process through net banking
Step 1
. Login to ITD e-filing portal through your Net Banking account. (This feature is under “Manage Taxes” section in ICICI and under “Login to e-filing” section in SBI; and would be under a different heading for other banks)

Step 2: Go to e-File Menu -> E-Verify Return
Inline image 3

Step 3: Click on the link e-Verify against the Return that has been uploaded.
Inline image 2

Step 4: Your Return will be verified and the process is complete. There is no need to submit ITR-V.

E-verification process without net banking
If you are not able to use net banking to e-verify the return, refer to the steps in thisĀ User Manual provided by the income tax department.

E-verification process at
This process is not yet released by the income tax department.

Manual verification of the income tax return
Step 1 :How to get a copy of the ITR-V?
Login to with user id and Password & Go to “My Account” tab. From the drop down box, select “e-filed Return/ Forms”. Select the Acknowledgement Number for the Assessment year for which you need to send the ITR-V. Click on the “ITR-V/Acknowledgment” to download the ITR-V.

Step 2: Where to send the ITR-V?
The ITR-V Verification form should be sent by ORDINARY POST or SPEEDPOST to the address below within 120 days of date of uploading the e-return. Centralized Processing Center (CPC), Income Tax Department, Post Bag No-1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560100

NOTE: Points to be considered before submitting the ITR-V Use only A4 size white paper to take the print of the ITR-V. Poor quality of ITR-V print will result in rejection at CPC since the barcode and other details including PAN etc will not be legible. The ITR-V should be in original and not photocopy. Remember to sign the ITR-V (preferably in blue ink) before sending by ordinary post or Speed post to CPC.

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