Is Longer Holding Of Stocks For Tax Relief Good For Investors?

NRI Tax Saving

Stocks – Tax experts believe investors can gain if holding period for long-term capital gains (LTCG) exemption is increased to three years from the present one year since it would provide an impetus for building a stable equity portfolio and give a longer window for adjusting stock losses if any, besides reducing holding costs. The […]

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Budget 2017 May Hike Capital Gains Tax on Stocks-Likely Changes

Capital Gains – Panic gripped the stock markets last week following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assertion that gains from the capital markets are getting away with the low tax. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley hurriedly clarified that Modi’s statement should not be construed as an intent to impose long-term capital gains tax on equities. Even so, […]

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Be Tax-Wise When Investing in Stocks to Maximise Gains

(As published in ET Wealth on December 12, 2016) Short-Term And Long-Term Capital Gains From Stocks Nearly every investor knows that short-term capital gains from stocks get taxed at 15%, and long-term capital gains are tax-free. But not many investors are aware of the other tax benefits and regulations. For instance, short-term losses from stocks […]

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