Restructure your salary this week, save additional tax with NPS

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April & May is the time when your company allows you to restructure your CTC which helps you to optimize your taxes and accordingly declare your investments. Moreover, your company has rolled out the New Pension System (NPS), now employees can save additional tax of up to 1-3% of their basic salaries. If a company puts 10% of the basic salary […]

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Lalwani can cut tax by Rs 1.6 lakh via pay structure revamp, NPS

Bengaluru-based IT professional Jitesh Lalwani pays a very high tax because his salary structure and investments are tax inefficient. Taxspanner estimates that Lalwani’s tax can be reduced by nearly Rs 1.6 lakh if the pay structure is rejigged, he saves more for retirement and buys health insurance for his family and his mother. Lalwani should […]

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Beyond a simple retirement option: How to save taxes through NPS

When you plan your taxes for the next fiscal, consider subscribing to the National Pension System (NPS). It not only helps you build a retirement corpus, it can also help you save an additional ₹15,450 in yearly taxes. Here’s how. What is NPS? NPS is a market-linked and defined contribution pension plan that needs you […]

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