How Tax Optimization Works

As mentioned in our mailer that you have paid higher taxes in the past and unless you bring a change in financial choices, you will continue to pay higher taxes in the current F.Y. and the years to come ahead. And to bring these changes within income tax laws, you need to follow tax expert’s advice who has complete and accurate knowledge.

There are almost 30 options available as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act’1961. These can help you in saving taxes not only in this FY, but will also have an impact on tax savings in the subsequent FYs. The figure for tax savings shared in the email indicates the maximum possible tax savings as per IT Act provisions. However, the real tax savings may be lower than this depending upon your personalized scenarios. This will be based on your personalized discussion with the dedicated CA assigned to you in this regard. Rest assured, we guarantee that we will be able to help you save taxes for an amount which is much higher than the actual price paid for the package.

How Tax Optimization works:
1) Share documents mentioned below, 2) pay for the desired package, 3) get Tax Optimization Report (TOR) in 3 business days from the payment date, 4) Read carefully the complete TOR with point wise explanation given in the report, 5) List down your top queries or doubts for discussion because the time for discussion is limited to 60 minutes, ( you may extend the time for @999 for 30 minutes in advance or as per need) 6) Send these queries for discussion (with CA) with preferable timings.


The process in detail for the same goes as under:

A.We would be requiring certain basic documentation from your end which will include :

1. Pay Slip (Latest)/ CTC details

2. IT Computation sheet.

3. Housing Loan/property details.

4. Investments details (LIC, Medical Insurance policy, etc).

5. Dependent Relatives with ages (Please mention if anyone in the family suffers from a disability or illness)

6. Rent Paid (If applicable), or rent received (if applicable).

Once we have this data from your end and you opt for any of the 2 packages as mentioned below, we will be sharing the tax optimization report with you which will contain all the possible options which Income Tax Act has suggested by which you can save your taxes in the coming years within 3 working days.

B.Further, for this service there are two packages which can be selected as per your need:

1. FILE & PLAN TAX Rs. 2999 (Tax Optimization Report with 60 minutes discussion with CA)*

2. TAX OPTIMIZER  Rs. 4999/- (TOR with 180 minutes discussion with CA)**

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*Tax optimization report with detailed explanations of all the tax saving options in form of a pdf document. Discussion with your dedicated CA for 60 minutes., the process for the same goes as under:

Once you have gone through the report and you approach for booking a call with the dedicated CA, the timings for the same is Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, the same can be fixed over call or email. Post discussion, we will be sharing your customized tax report with you.

**180 minutes can be availed during the full year from the date of subscription for discussing any tax related query, ITD compliance or can be fully utilized for discussion with CA on tax planning, depending upon your requirements.

***Please note that the above charges include your return filing for the FY 2016-17 (salary income and House Property Income). In case of capital gain, multiple house property and business income there would be additional charges.

****The package can be upgraded by paying the differential amount at any stage.

Send your queries at For any escalation, please feel free to write directly to our CFO, CA Sudhir Kaushik at